Planning an event? From seminars, tradeshows, anniversairies, corporate events to grand openings where there to release any stress and make your event a highlight.

If you want to make a good impression, and more importantly, you want your guests to head home feeling invigorated, less stressed, and a lot happier. Providing massage at a corporate event will have your customers lining up, and it will put them in a positive frame of mind. And we all know that happy customers are good for business.

Meeting, congres or trade show?

People attending your meeting or tradeshow will often be tired after hours of listening or walking around looking at all the products. So, why not give them a break and offer a nice relaxed chair massage? It will surely result in happier people. And they can continuing their day with more energy.

Depending on what your location and schedule dictate, our licensed massage therapists will rock the show.