Our Team

Our team consists exclusively of qualified massage therapists who have specialized in various disciplines within the massage discipline and who work throughout the country. They have an eye for your wishes.

Motivated therapists
Perhaps more importantly, our massage therapists take pleasure in their work and it shows! If you’ve chair massages at a regular basis at your office you’ll get the same therapist everytime so people don’t have to get use to various therapists.

References of a number of companies where we give/or have given massages:

Erasmus Universiteit, Hewlett Packard, Achmea Vitale, Medisource, Co Chi, BAM, Fugro, Hogeschool Leiden, Gemeente Albrandswaard, Organisatieburo Rien van Halen, Pilatusdam Management, Worrell en Jetten, Wearereasonablepeople, Kinki Kapper, TTF, Maver, P2managers, NISB, ROC Amsterdam, Spaarnelanden BV., Teva Pharmarcie, ROC Gooi- en Vechtstreken, GFK Benelux, ENRGY, Fugro, OVO, De Winter Logistics, Alderliesten Design, Bergans of Norway, Stichting Peen en Ui

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