Backstage massage

For touring bands and crew.

More then 14 years of backsage massage experience in the entertainment business.

Our team will make you feel relaxed again.

Bookings worldwide.


Let’s rock this. (with a little help of our backstage massage therapist 😉

Touring with a band and crew is one of the great things of being an artist, but it can be rather challenging and exhausting. Travelling from one hotel to another and spending hours on a tour bus or a plane puts general well-being to the test. And that’s where our backstage massage comes in handy.

So why not book one of our massage therapist for the location where you at. And as a result your performance will be perfect, simply because you feel great!

You’ll be on top of your game just to give the audience the best, because they deserve it.

But of course these massages are not only for artist and crew, it will benefit all people who travel a lot. So book an appointment right away.

backstage massage

Hotel Massage

Want a backstage massage in your hotel?

No problem!

We pick up our stuff and meet you there.

Bookings worldwide

Spiritfree is a worldwide organisation with professional and highly qualified therapists. They all have years of experience and are trained in many massage styles.

They love what they do and it shows! So, why not booking a backstage massage with us.

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The various backstage massages we provide

deep tissue massage
swedisch massage
foot reflex
facial massage
chair massage

Some of the tours we pampered with our backstage massage

Slipknot – We our not your kind Tour

Roger Waters – Us + Them Tour, The Wall Tour

Kendrick Lamar – The Damm Tour


Miley Cyrus – The Bangerz Tour

First Dates Hotel

Soof The Musical

Fall Out Boy – The American Beauty/American Psycho Tour

Jay-Z and Kanye West

Josh Groban – All That Echoes Tour


Damien Jurado

The Funkstamatic